Why Did Jesus Disciple the Way He Did?

Please read the whole post slowly.

  • Withness in the ministry of proclamation: Jesus and Paul invited those they wanted to be with them in evangelistic ministry.
  • Purposeful for the ministry of proclamation: “Time with” was going somewhere. Jesus was going to send the twelve and the seventy-two. Paul was going to send Timothy, and Titus, and Luke, and …
  • Deployment to proclaim: The ministry was entrusted. Are you giving the ministry away?

For more see:   Why Did Jesus Disciple the Way He Did?

One thought on “Why Did Jesus Disciple the Way He Did?

  1. There is no better answer to the question than “Come with me, and I will teach you to catch men”. (Matt. 4: 19)
    It’s all about re-education or radical change by the Holy Spirit from man’s to God’s School of Thought focused on “Christ’s death on the cross” as the means for the long, and arduous training with overtime into 40-day intensive rehab of backsliding disciples. (Acts 1: 1-5)


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