Why Did Jesus Disciple the Way He Did?

Thursday is for Discipleship

This year I am working on a project to memorize the book of 2 Timothy. Don’t be impressed. It is embarrassing how poor my memorization habits are. I started this project because I have done a terrible job of memorizing Scripture over the years and wanted to finally give the Holy Spirit more to work with as he seeks to conform me to the image of Christ.

My progress has been slow but productive. This week, as we traveled to West Virginia to visit family and Pennsylvania for a nephew’s wedding, I have been reviewing chapter one. Once again, I am struck by how much memory and remembering plays a part in Paul’s discipleship process.

I remember you constantly in my prayers … (v.3)
As I remember your tears … (v.4)
I am reminded of your sincere faith … (v.5)
I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God … (v.6)
Follow the pattern of sound words that you have heard … (v.13)

All of these refer to a “bank account” of shared memories and experiences that Paul has had with Timothy. Paul knew Timothy well. He knew his family, his background, the religious heritage in which he was raised … They had shared life together. They had experienced the highs and lows of ministry together. They had suffered together for the gospel.  

Paul followed the pattern of Christ (Mark 3). He chose who he wanted, he spent lots of time with him. He modeled what he wanted his men to do and then he deployed them to preach.

Are you following the pattern of Christ and Paul in your discipleship process? It looks like this:

  • Withness in the ministry of proclamation: Jesus and Paul invited those they wanted to be with them in evangelistic ministry.

  • Purposeful for the ministry of proclamation: “Time with” was going somewhere. Jesus was going to send the twelve and the seventy-two. Paul was going to send Timothy, and Titus, and Luke, and …

  • Deployment to proclaim: The ministry was entrusted. Are you giving the ministry away?

Pursue faithfulness, be holy, and follow this pattern, and you will be a powerful church planter or if you are not a church planter, a powerful disciple of Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Why Did Jesus Disciple the Way He Did?

  1. That is quite an inspiring observation!

    I am not yet at the place where I am able to fully disciple others, but it has given me some insight into how best to proceed with my own discipleship. I am reminded of what Scripture says of “sharing every good thing with your teacher”.

    My relationship with my mentor is more equal based. Yet he is of greater maturity than I, hence he is my mentor. I do, however, feel that we need to be meeting more often – and it is my fault that we are not – and he has shown a real interest in being my overseer in Sheepfold Ministries, I must resolve to be sharing more with him on this.

    Thank you Marty.


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