“… for you are a man of war.”

The Power of RepentanceSix months ago we posted this video in the hopes that it might go viral and make a powerful impact on the churches of America to repent and respond better to the tragedy of abortion in our country. It was shared 100 times on Facebook and viewed over 370 times on Youtube.com. Not quite viral.

Now, with the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage and the pandora’s box that this will mean for the nation, it is time once again to try to rally the church to stand up and, with great compassion and grace, call the nation to repentance. But the first call to repentance must be to the church itself.

It is a tragedy that the flag of the United States of America has flown over our country for 40 years while under its banner 56 million children have lost their lives.

Let us pray and mourn and repent that this has happened on our watch and we have not done more to call our nation to live out what it proclaims, that it is one nation, under God. Really?

With each passing election, with each passing pronouncement of our Supreme Court, with each new law passed, it looks less and less like a nation under God and more and more like a nation who has turned its back to God but not without first raising a shaking fist in His face.

For the video see:  “… for you are a man of war.”

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