“… for you are a man of war.”

Applying a Sunday Message

Today was a wonderful service celebrating the dedication of seven children at our Watseka campus. All of these children are gifts from God and it is both wonderful and exciting that God has entrusted them to both their parents and to our church family as well. Pastor Bart did a great work preparing the families, organizing the dedication and, with his family, preparing the gifts specially designed for each.

And it was also Sanctity of Life Sunday. The Church doesn’t celebrate on this Sunday; it remembers and mourns, and repents. Repents for having not done enough to pray and work toward the overturning of Roe v. Wade and having not done enough to sacrifice and care for women who feel they have no place to turn.

This year, I redid a message that I did years ago at New Song Church in Bolingbrook. The first message, probably 15 years ago, was much longer. In this one, we used a video format. It is much shorter, only about 8 minutes. But our hope is that it will leave an indelible imprint on those who see it.

So, how do we end abortion in our country? Some suggestions:

  1. Pray: We simply must pray with more passion and urgency for the scourge of abortion to be lifted from our land.
  2. Love: If we love God and we love our neighbors who are desperate, uninformed, and without hope, it has got to register beyond our mouths. Our love needs action. It needs to be felt by the men and women who are choosing abortion.
  3. Sacrifice: We are a people who have been shaped by the cross of Christ, purchased by Christ for Christ. And because that is the process of how we were redeemed, the cross, there ought to be a cross-shapedness to they way we are willing to sacrifice for God and for others. Ending abortion will required sacrifice from the people of God.
  4. Give:  Support your local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Find it. Pray for it. Give to it. Volunteer at it.
  5. Become Smarter:  Bluntly? Christians need to get their head out of the sand. We need to out-think, out research, out-sound bite, and out-strategize the opposition. And we need to do that in a spirit of love and compassion.
  6. Repost:  When you find good information, a powerful video, or a great message repost it to your social networks. We need to learn how to use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google, Delicious, BLOGs, Pinterist, Pocket, Reddit, StumbledUpon, etc. in ways that do more than pass on cute cat and dog videos. You could start by passing this video on to every friend you have and ask them to pass it on to theirs.

Let’s pray and work for the end of abortion on demand in America.

Thanks to Phil Gioja for video taping, editing, selecting music and images and war footage for the video. Thanks too to Bill Burton for voicing the script I wrote. And finally, thanks to Mike Pueschell and Todd Mikelson for their invaluable counsel and help in putting the video together.

3 thoughts on ““… for you are a man of war.”

  1. What a powerful illustration of the lives lost due to abortion. Thank you for this useful tool that we can use to help educate others on the cost of this war on the most innocent of our population. May God use it to help end abortion in our country.


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