What Will You Do with Your One Life?

Wednesday is for Prayer

Jim CroceOtis Redding died at the age of 26, but not before leaving the timeless “Dock of the Bay.”

Jim Croce died at 30, but not before giving the world “Time in a Bottle.”

Princess Diana of Wales died at 36, but not before championing the removal of war-mines from battle-fields.

William Shakespeare died at the age of 52, but not before writing 37 plays as sublime as any ever written.

Martin Luther King Jr. died at 39, assisinated by a man filled with hate, but not before starting a movement that changed and continues to change America for the better.

Jesus died at about the age of 37, but not before fullfilling the plan of the Father, dying for sin, leaving the world the greatest system of ethics the world has ever known and starting a world-wide movement founded on his teaching and life. And then topped it off with rising from the dead and promising to return.

What will we do with the time we have? This day, this week, this month, this year, this decade could be your last. How will you make it count for Christ? I hope you take this very personally. (Cf. Taking Psalm 90 Personally) Let’s live passionately for and like the One we call Savior.

6 thoughts on “What Will You Do with Your One Life?

  1. A Villanova graduate! Don McLean attended at the same time, but left after a few months and continued his college education closer to home at a Jesuit college. But they knew each other at Villanova.


  2. Great blog, Marty! Interesting, last week I referenced Jim Croce and “Time in a Bottle” in a weekly devotional newspaper article I write for a local publication. You may know this, but Croce wrote this song immediately after his wife told him she was expecting their first child in Dec ’71. He wanted to capture that special moment and hence, wrote the song. Your blog made me think of how marvelous of a life we have because of Jesus Christ and that every day we should write out our song of praise with a life demonstrating His truth, love and hope to all. Thanks brother… Terry


  3. I was a HUGE Croce fan as a kid – drove my parents crazy playing “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” on the piano. His music has held up admirably over time – some of the phrasings are dated but the guitar work, the voice, and the feelings never get old.


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