Taking Psalm 90 Personally

Read Psalm 90

Poems for Psalms
(Another addition to
“The Poetry Project”)
Always good to read the Psalm first.

(Updated) A day working in the garden doing all the physical things that my mostly sedentary lifestyle avoids is a great way to remind yourself of the finitude of life. The great law-giver, Moses, has one psalm in the book of psalms. One psalm filled with a life-time of reflection from “the man of God” that encourages us to number our days. My number is now down to 3285 since this reflection was written. Perhaps God will give me more or perhaps today is the last day of my breath. 

“Oh that You would grant me to take this psalm seriously all the days of my life.”

Taking Psalm 90 Personally

very-old-tombstones6205 days left.
Six thousand two hundred days left.
Six-thousand-two-hundred-days left.
I can’t stretch them.
Only You know if they or more are allotted to me.
Or maybe just today.

If Your mercy to me
is as wonderful as it was to my father,
the sand in the top of the hourglass is 6205 days.

None knows their death day.
Birthdays are certified on paper certificates.
But one day BD and DD will be carved on stone,
and separated by a hyphen.
Our days are swept away like dust.
And only You know them all.

You’ve seen all the days before–
20,440 plus of mercy granted
So few,      so few,     used well . . .

Oh God teach me to number my remaining days
Oh give me wisdom to use them well.
Give me morning joy
Give me eyes to see Your hand
Give me a heart that delights in Your might
for as many days as You will give.    Selah.

© Marty Schoenleber, Jr. 2010

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