“No-one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank

Monday After Thoughts

Benevolence Giving (Anne Frank)Last week I posted a great quote by Ann Voskamp on giving. This week I have another great quote from the same article in which I found last week’s quote. The article was written by Kristen Welch and was provocatively titled “Dear World: Let’s Stop Giving Our Crap to the Poor.”  I’ve provided the link if you want to check out the whole article. Here’s the quote:

Just because our donation feels like we are helping, in reality, we could be hurting. Bales of used clothes are sold to African countries for resell and they end up flooding the market and often put local textile businesses and seamstresses out of business.
It’s time to think about not only what we give and how we give it, but also why we give it. Just because it makes us feel better (and cleans out our garage at the same time), doesn’t mean it’s the best for those in need. Perhaps we should look a little deeper into our hearts and wallets when we can say, I don’t have money to give to the poor, but I have a lot of stuff. Maybe we need to buy less stuff, so we have more to give?

It’s that last sentence that I think we all need to think about. “Maybe we need to buy less stuff, so we have more to give?”

I think Kristen nails it. 

Try this experiment:

  • Spend nothing for a month without first asking, “do I  need  this or want  this?”
  • Take every dollar you would have spent on a want and give it to your local church’s benevolence fund to help the poor.

Wouldn’t it be great to see every church in your town receive a huge influx of dollars to care for the poor in the community in a way that expresses the love of Christ?

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