Can Discipleship Fully Mature without the Discipler Leaving?

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Here’s the outline of Dr. Coleman’s classic and poignant work on how Jesus discipled his men into the world-changers.

  1. Incarnation – Jesus came into our world to show us God’s love.
  2. Selection – People were Jesus’ method.Master Plan of Evangelism
  3. Association – Jesus stayed with them.
  4. Consecration – Jesus required obedience.
  5. Demonstration – Jesus showed them how to live.
  6. Delegation – Jesus assigned them work.
  7. Supervision – Jesus continued to check on them.
  8. Reproduction – Jesus expected them to reproduce.
  9. Impartation – Jesus gave Himself away (through the Holy Spirit).

Robert Coleman; Bobby Harrington Revisiting the Master Plan of Evangelism (Kindle Locations 159-165). Kindle Edition.

Here’s a tenth I might add:

10. Embarkation — Jesus left. He gave the work over to his disciples.

See also  What if We Did Spiritual Formation Like Jesus?

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