Iron Sharpens Iron: Developing Real Ironmen

iron sharpens iron by (markfellows)Saturday Musings on Discipleship

Update (5/4/19): Met with the director of the Charlotte C.S. Lewis Institute today to talk about the fellows programs with the Institute and its value for the local church. Great conversation with Gary Stewart.

The meeting reminded me of this quote.

“The primary point for us to keep in mind is that discipling today is always undertaken as an outgrowth of the life of the church, whereas prior to Pentecost it occurred with Jesus personally.”  

—Michael Wilkins in
Following the Master: A Biblical Theology of Discipleship, 279. 

Becoming a disciple, learning to live passionately for and like Christ, is not something we can pursue in isolation from the community of the beloved. Iron sharpens iron. We need one another to become like Him. It is foolish to think otherwise.


How can we find more time in our lives to be with one another in purposeful environments so that we can learn to follow the Master from one another?

Please comment below. I am interested in your comments.

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