Spoken Word Artistry and Gospel Awesomeness

Thursday is for Discipleship

Marty iiiLast Friday I had the privilege of seeing some of my favorite people in the world. I was back at New Song Church in Bolingbrook and got to visit with so many people from my years of ministry in that lighthouse of joy in the community. The occasion was a summer concert with guests Serrita Cheeks, just back from a European concert tour, local and New Song developed artist CraCajaC, with host Anthem Poet (aka, my son). It was great to see so many new faces, mixed in with the old guard of transformed trophies of the grace of God.

Serrita was new to me, CraCajaC is always fun and is a talented young man with a great band behind him. Since last I saw him, he is  joined on stage by his joy-filled and beautiful wife. But the main event for me was to see my son perform. If you get the chance, watch him. Or read his book(s). Or watch his videos. Or listen to his spoken-word poetry. He’s worth it.

Marty performed some of his poems, tied the concert together, and near the end of the time, drew everyone’s attention to worship. Time is limited and he wasn’t able to perform one of my favorites so I thought I would give you a taste of his work.

Click here for an audio version of “I and My Muther, Wunn”

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