Links for Better Ministry: Better Living; Better Defense of the Gospel and much more

Weekend Links

Second Most Sacrad Place for Shia Worship in Afghanistan
Second Most Sacrad Place for Shia Worship in Afghanistan

Lots of links this week and most of them related to ministry in some way. Enjoy.

Better Thinking About Ministry

What Churches Will Exist in Ten Years?  (Analyzing trends is always iffy but here’s an article that suggests some trends that need to be changed if the church is going to remain relevant in American culture.)
You’ll Never Believe What is Drawing Millennials to Church  (Great article about a church in Washington, DC and one that goes against the national trend of irrelevance to millennials. Just this last month we baptized 6 people, five one of them millennials so this got my attention.)
Why I’m a Baptist with a Small “b” (Bill Keynes–gracious article seeking peace with all who have believed in Christ.)
10 Very Possible Reasons Your Church is Not Growing (Carey Nieuwhof–Take seriously any one of them that apply.)
Christian Singer Shares Struggle with Pornography  (A story of honesty, redemption and hope for those who struggle with the drift of our culture.)
3 Questions to Ask before Joining a Church  (Steve Timmis–very helpful short piece, the like of which, every church should have as a training tool available to all of its greeters.)

The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy  (And what we can do about it.)

5 Tips for Better Bible Reading  (Pass this link on to everyone you know.)

Better Thinking about Apologetics and Defending the Faith

Contradict: They Can’t All be True  (Personally, I would put this book cover on my car bumper in a heart beat. Good book review.)
Big Bang Theory Takes a Major Hit  (Scientists say it can’t account for the beginning of the universe.)
Scientists Find Huge Underground Ocean  (Some of the findings reflect quantities of water three-four times that of what is already on the surface. Can anyone say Genesis 7:11?)

Finding the Will of God When Decisions are Hard (Tim Challies–And when aren’t they?)
Divorce Rate Among Believers Way Lower than the General Culture  (Harvard researcher with long over-due research.  I have said this for years, the divorce rate often ascribed to the church is wrong but now the facts are clear—they are really off.  Divorce rate among those who refuse to live together before marriage may be as low as 5%.  Good news for defending the faith.)

Better Thinking about Sexual Issues

9 Things You Should Know about Transgenderism  (Gospel Coalition –becoming informed about the nuances of the argument is part of the defense of the faith and biblical morality that we can’t escape in the 21st century.)
Same Sex Couples Entitled to Adopt: Can the Clear “Majority” of America be Wrong?  (YES! Why yes they can.)

For Fun, Health and the Environment

The Most Efficient Wind Turbine in the World  (And you could put on your roof!)
6 Strategies to Sleep, Soundly, Wake Rested and Accomplish More   (Sleep! What a wonderful gift from God.)
Never Be Afraid of Getting Poison Ivy Again  (I wish I knew this when I was a kid!)

Better Thinking about Politics and Culture

The Story You Haven’t Heard about Bowe Bergdahls’s Desertion  (Michelle Malkin)

Business Ideas

The Paint Bar  (Is this a business opportunity for all the artists in our community?)

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