Glorify God, but How?

Sunday Afternoon Musings

“The glory of bread is that it satisfies. The glory of living water is that it quenches thirst. We do not honor the refreshing, self-replenishing, pure water of a mountain spring by lugging buckets of water up the path to make our contributions from the ponds below. We honor the spring by feeling thirsty, getting down on our knees , and drinking with joy. Then we say, “Ahhhh!” (That’s worship!), and we go on our journey in the strength of the fountain (that’s service). The mountain spring is glorified most when we are most satisfied with its water.”

John Piper, A Godward Life: Book 1, p.23-24

John Paton PlaqueToday I read a story from the autobiography of John Paton, missionary to New Hebrides (modern Vanuatu). Paton was relating the story of dying eight year old boy from Glasgow Scotland. The boy, John Sims, was dying of tuberculosis but loved Jesus and looking forward to seeing Jesus upon his death.  “Tell me more about Jesus. Tell me everything you know about the spotless Lamb of God.” This, from the lips of an eight year old!

How I long to raise up a generation of such 8 year olds, who turn into 9 year olds, and 10’s and 20’s and 30’s and who live for the glory of Christ. John Piper is right, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” Oh to raise up such a people of God. A people who glory in knowing Him who lived, suffered, died and rose for them; a people who delight to make him known among the peoples of the earth, beginning with their neighbors and friends.

Lord help us do that.

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