An Open Letter to My Cranky Ana-Baptist and Reformed Young Friends

…. It’s not because I want to defend the church as it is, not because many of our churches and structures aren’t painful to spiritual development or faithfulness to Christ. I’m not tired of it because I think the Church is above criticism (obviously). and I’m not tired of it because I am blind (somehow) to all of its foibles, stupidities, redundancies and corruptions. I’m not. …

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It’s Empty Headed to Think that Criticism Rather Living Like Jesus is Going to Change the World

There is a vicious new sport in our culture that is destroying spiritual passion among many of God’s people across denominational lines. It is currently running rampant in the Evangelical tribe of the church but seems to be growing in popularity across a wide spectrum of ecclesial bodies. Bloggers are especially prone to the blood sport.

Another alarming trend is that it is not confined to one age group but seems to be infiltrating the rank and file of every pop-named generation in the sociological landscape.

I should probably name the sport. It’s called “church slamming.” Don’t go looking for it on Wikipedia. I made the name up. But the sport exists. Trust me. And I am getting so tired of its refrain. “The church isn’t ______________” or “The church isn’t ___________ enough.”…

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