Price Drop on “Picking a President”

Bookmark for Picking a PresidentIts official.

The Kindle price on my book Picking a President: Or Any Other Elected Official has dropped by half from $3.99 to $1.99.  I have wanted to do this for sometime and finally got through to the publisher with a way to do it.  Take advantage now.

If you already purchased a paperback version, this is your opportunity to have the book on your computer or your Kindle or Android device. Put it on your phone and then you can share it with friends. Tell your friends that they can get it for half the usual Kindle price and 70% off the paperback price in this e-book format. 

  • If we want a better government, we have to elect better people.
  • If we want better people, we have to nominate and support better candidates.
  • If we want better candidates for nomination, we have to become better people ourselves.

This book is all about how we get there from here.

To get the new price, go to and type in the name of the book or my name or just click on this LINK.

It might take as long as 30 days for the new price to show up at Barnes and Noble and

Tell your friends.

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