Photo Ethics for Bloggers; Celebrity Pastors; Atheist Stupidity?; New Calvinism; Laws of Logic; etc

Weekend Links

Ethics Image“Celebrity Pastors” has been a topic all over the internet. Kevin DeYoung offers some wise words in the post below and the article on Photo Ethics for Bloggers is telling and helpful. Sometimes you break the law or the spirit of the law without intending to. It is already changing the way that I go about attaching pictures to my posts and will cause me to remove a number of photo’s. I hope all of the posts are both helpful and challenging. Enjoy.

Better Thinking about Ministry

Photo Ethics for Bloggers (Nine Reasons to Steal Pictures off the Internet … All of them Bogus)   (My posts will have fewer pictures after reading this article. Systematically, I will be replacing many pictures on my blog with personal photos that I take or images I create.)
9 Thoughts on Celebrity Pastors, Controversy, and The New Calvinism etc.  (Kevin DeYoung—Brief but wise words. So many are so quick to judge and so prideful in their judging of what they think is pride.)
Take the Initiative to Keep Growing as a Preacher  (Lee Eclov—Christianity Today article by friend and EFCA pastor. Lee loves preaching and speaks with the voice of experience.)
Jesus Calling and Other Terrible Ideas  (A truly thoughtful and helpful article on the trend to put words in Jesus’ mouth to bring him “up to date.” Dr. Sanders has done a great benefit for the discernment of God’s people.)
When Atheist Say Stupid Things (Gary DeMar—when atheists say stupid things philosophically and historically, it is important to correct them. It is also important to love them.)
12 Features of the New Calvinism (John Piper channeled through Tim Challies. Good summary of the tribe I belong to and support. It’s nice to know that things that have described my theology for 35+ years are still called “new.”)

Is God Real? Evidence from the Laws of Logic  (Defending the faith is part of the job in every generation.)

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Is there Wage Stagnation in the Country?  (Walter Williams takes a surprising look below the surface of oft quoted statistics.)

For Fun and Health and Joy

Survival Tricks that You Might Use Camping  (I love  these things.)
10 Year Old Boy Starts “Charity-Ball” to Inspire African Children  (Great story)

One thought on “Photo Ethics for Bloggers; Celebrity Pastors; Atheist Stupidity?; New Calvinism; Laws of Logic; etc

  1. Thank you for holding me accountable, Marty. In response to “Photo Ethics for Bloggers,” I am now using my own photographs to illustrate my blogs. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!


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