The Passion and Direction of Repentance

Monday is for Discussion

Image of Repentance“Repentance, in all of its biblical fulness, is a passionate word, a dramatic word. It speaks to the notion of changing direction, radically changing direction—but it is more than that. It is a passionate word not only with regard to direction but because it includes the idea of sorrow, regret, perhaps even tears about the previous direction. Repentance biblically is a turning to God that recognizes the wickedness of what is turned from and the holiness of the One to whom we turn.”

—excerpt from yesterday’s message on Luke 3:1-22


Do we preach the gospel and pray for this response or teach what repentance is and call people to repent?

One thought on “The Passion and Direction of Repentance

  1. I too have just recently on repentance, and agree with you Marty.

    From that time Jesus began to preach, crying out, Repent change your mind for the better, heartily amend your ways, with abhorrence of your past sins), for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Mt 4:17 AMP

    Zodhiates, S. The Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible KJV, Chattanooga TN: AMG International Inc.( 1991 ) 1738
    REPENT: 3340 Metanoeo; to repent with regret accompanied by a true change of heart toward God. Metanoia (3341) repentance is retrospection as pronoia (4307) is foreknowledge. It signifies a change of mind consequent to retrospection, indicating regret for the course pursued and resulting in a wiser view of the past and future. Most importantly, it is distinguished from metamellomai (3338) to regret because of the consequences of one’s actions. Deriv..noeo 93539) to comprehend; nous (3563) mind.

    I joyfully repent in my true regret of things I have thought or done in my own will and not YHWH’s: Knowing that so great a price was paid by YAHUSHUA, I joyfully receive YHWH’s Love, Forgiveness, Cleansing and Purging my conscience of every dead work and I confess my faults, turn and change my mind, will, and emotions with consequent words and deeds in accordance with His. John 15:10-12, I John 1:8-19, Heb 9:13-14, Rom 5:16-18


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