Off Grid Illegal; Congressional Suggestions; Income Inequality; Multi-site Churches; Thabiti Anyabwile; Lent and Evangelicals

Weekend Links

The snow is receding and I have detected a corresponding rise in the positive spirit among everyone I talk to.  Interesting how our happiness is so often tied to a change in weather. I think it is a longing in our hearts for the perfection of heaven, the perfection of days. This weekend’s links are not about perfection but they are about changing our thinking so that the will of God is done on earth just as it is in heaven. Personally, I’m looking forward to getting outside, doing some outdoor preaching, riding my bike and taking some walks with my wife. Enjoy. 

Marty at Outside Preaching EventBetter Engagement with Culture and Politics

Living Off the Grid is Now Illegal in Florida  (Is this America or have we gone into some type of alternative universe? Freedom is leaking away every day in the US of A.)
Does the Congress Pass Suggestions or Laws? (Trey Gowdy–on the floor of the house to applause.)
Where is Income Inequality Growing Fastest? Where is it the Worst?  (Both answers may shock the liberal elite.)
American Support for LGBT Grows  (Read this article with alarm. Read it to see how rapid the change is, how across the board it is. Read it to weep over what this must mean for the judgment of our nation.)

Better Thinking About Ministry

Multi-site: In Person vs. Video Teaching?  (If you are a multi-site church, this is an important article to digest.)
The Most Difficult Decision of I Have Ever Made  (Thabiti Anyabwile–I am delighted that this great man of God is going to be planting a church near the capital of the nation. May God give him mercy and grace and power as he seeks the will of God.)
Must Art Be Evangelistic to be Christian? (Some good thought stuff for those who want to build too high a wall between culture and Christianity.)
Evangelicals Embracing and Rejecting Lent  (Trevan Wax–good cautions for the practice or non-practice of the season of Lent and fasting.)
John MacArthur Responds to John Piper’s Comments on Strange Fire Conference  (Evaluate for yourselves.)

Just for Fun and Health

25 Uses of Coconut Oil (Andrea Fabry–The Fabry’s are former member of our church in Bolingbrook who have been on a harrowing journey with mold. But God has been faithful to them and now they are using their experience to teach all of us how to go less processed and more natural in our eating habits.)

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