How Can We Go from Disease Management to Real Health Care?

Sunday Afternoon Musings

The Greater GoodAt New Song Church in Bolingbrook, by the grace of God and through the great vision and zeal of Sue and Mark Davis, the commitment of a single small group, the vision and openness of a great elder board and the heart and prayers of a congregation that wanted to make a real difference in our community, we were able to establish the Bolingbrook Christian Health Center. Doctors and nurses, physicians assistants, chiropractors, optometrists, physical therapists all volunteer their time, pray for their patients and take time express the love of Christ.

The clinic is housed in the church facility where it occupies 1,800 square feet. One of the marvelous things that happens at the clinic,  is that patients are given time. Receptionist, nurses, and doctors give patients time. They listen. They give each person (now over 4,500 in its first 12 years) the dignity of personhood rather than the perspective of a commodity or client. People receive great care; crises are averted; but perhaps more importantly, the time that is given to each individual many times uncovers underlying issues and patterns that help prevent problems and create a healthier future. We need more “Care” and less “Disease Management.” Frankly, we need more of this clinic’s kind of care in our healthcare system and that’s what this short video and the documentary behind it are all about.

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