Cessationism vs Continuationism; Discussing Gay Marriage; Presidential Lies; Hobby Lobby, House Church Preaching and much more

Weekend Links

Baseball Spring TrainingWith all the snow here now, all the snow predicted for today and Tuesday, it is a little hard to get excited for some of us. But here’s good news for many. It is February 1 and pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in just two weeks. I can’t wait, hence the pictures. As always, the links will help you think better about a wide range of issues but their presence here doesn’t mean I endorse everything in them.

Better Engagement with Ministry and Doctrine

Why I Am a Continuationist  (Sam Storms—on the sign gifts of the Spirit.)
Why I Am a Cessatianist (Thomas Schriener—on the sign gifts of the Spirit.)
Seven Paradigm Shifts in the American Church  (Thom Rainer is always worth listening to on these kind of topics.)
Seven Guidelines for Discussing Gay Marriage  (Mark Alan Williams—good and simple counsel.)
Three Reasons to Get Some Sleep  (Desiring God Ministries, Jonathan Parnell—some great thoughts on health and healthy spirituality.)

A Pastor Shares the Advantages He Sees to House Church Preaching and Discipleship (Steve Burchett—Great article from a Kansas City House Church leader. Well worth your time.)

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABetter Engagement with Politics and Culture

8 Lies in President Obama’s Roe Statement (Christians must become more discerning about the way this President parses words.)
Support Hobby Lobby Against Obamacare  (Video.  Hobby Lobby’s video to rally national support for their 20,000 employees, religious liberty and their business integrity.)

David Stockton on How the FED Robs American Middle Class of their Life Savings  (Video. 2 min. worth your time.)

For Fun and Health

Do Good Intentions and Attitudes Have Health Benefits  (I want to do this experiment!)
Get the Whole Story on Climate Change  (Is it happening? Yes. Is some of it manmade? Probably. Is it something to panic about? No. Is it at the point where we should do something about it? Yes. Now, let’s get reasonable about all of it.)

An Inspiring Story of Determination, Hope and “Will Not Quit Spirit”  (Video. Inspiring. Get it shown in your school. Show it to your kids.)

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