The Sweet Torture of Sunday Morning

Tuesday is for Preaching

Preaching, The Foolishness ofI have never met a preacher who was satisfied with his work. Never.
I have never preached a text that I felt adequate to the task. Every week there is a level of discontent with my efforts at explaining and living out the word that I preach. Every single message, every single week. 

It is as it should be.

So I can identify with this quote from G.C. Taylor’s essay, The Sweet Torture of Sunday Morning. 

Arthur Gossip reports a mystical thing that once happened to him in a Scottish church. As he came down the pulpit stairs after preaching, he met a Presence who said to him, “Was that the best you could give me today?” Gossip said he went back in the vestry and wept.

—(1995) Marshall Shelley (Ed.),
Changing Lives Through Preaching and Worship
(1st ed., pp. 123–124).

“Lord, help we who preach your word to take our task seriously. Though we are never adequate in ourselves, thank you for the promise of your word, that you, by your Spirit and your word can still equip us for every good work you call us to (2 Tim. 3:17). Make us hardworking servants who act as arrows pointing people to you and give us stamina for the task. Make us men who labor to give Your word rather than ours. For the glory of the Name of Christ, Amen.”

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