Discipling the Whole Family for the Glory of God

Friday is for Heart Songs

Family Worship 1Continuing my goal to reread all of C.S. Lewis in 2014, I read this today from God in the Dock. It was a great reminder to me that those churches who are on track to equip the next generation best are churches that take seriously the discipleship of not only the affections for Christ but the development of the mind for Christ.  We need to disciple men and women to disciple their families.

“If we had noticed that the young men of the present day found it harder and harder to get the right answers to sums, we should consider that this had been adequately explained the moment we discovered that schools had for some years ceased to teach arithmetic. After that discovery we should turn a deaf ear to people who offered explanations of a vaguer and larger kind—people who said that the influence of Einstein had sapped the ancestral belief in fixed numerical relations, or that the gangster films had undermined the desire to get right answers, . . . If the younger generation have never been told what the Christians say and never heard any arguments in defence of it, then their agnosticism or indifference is fully explained. . . . And having discovered that the cause of their ignorance is a lack of instruction, we have also discovered the remedy. . . . The young people today are unChristian because their teachers have been either unwilling or unable to transmit Christianity to them. . . . None can give to another what he does not possess himself.”

—C. S. Lewis in the essay, 
“On the Transmission of Christianity”
in God in the Dock

One thought on “Discipling the Whole Family for the Glory of God

  1. Marty,

    You and Stephnie have done well passing that knowledge to your biological children and I love that you both have a passion to bring the Gospel to as many as possible and especially the next generation of leaders. May your tribe increase.



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