Ending Abortion; Victoria Secret Culture; Progress on Poverty?; Common Core and so much more .

Weekend Links

Winter CornfieldThe wind is howling outside and later today I will post a reflection from C.S. Lewis on what we can learn and not learn from the majesty, power and glory of nature. But for now, here are the weekend links for the past week.

Defeating Abortion Culture

Roe v. Wade’s Days are Numbered  (While I hope and pray that this is true, the church needs to get ready for the onslaught of the backlash that media will generate and the opportunity for love and compassion it will give.)
The Victoria Secret Baby is Just the Tip of the Iceberg  (Oh God, our culture is becoming inhuman. Our culture of death continues to rob babies of life. Rescue us oh God from the wickedness of our age.)
The Baby Drop-Box
 (Why can’t we help churches to do this in every major city in America, or any place where this is an issue?)
Dodging Haymakers Outside an Abortion Clinic  (Great article well worth your time, and your thought, and maybe, after prayer your action on behalf of the unborn. Do you know where the closest abortion mill is to your home?)

Six Reasons to Have a Large Family  (Great piece from a mother of six.)

Better Thinking about Doctrine

How is God Working in the World: Understanding Miracles and Providence  (Gospel Coalition Website, Justin Holcomb writing.)

Better Interaction With Politics and Culture

Three Myths about World Poverty  (By Bill and Melinda Gates—interesting and thoughtful article on what is and isn’t happening around the world.)
Common Core is Dumbing Our Children Down  (Arkansas mother has her school board for lunch. Video.)

Better Thinking about the Church

Five Bad Reasons to Leave a Church  (Short, to the point and right on target.)
Eight Guidelines for Reading Scripture Publicly (Great counsel.)
How to Listen to Bad Sermons of All Types (From the EFCA National Website.)
5 Phrases that Scare Off Millenials  (I suspect this article gets it right.)

For Better Health and Fun

Lead Developer of HPV Vaccine Comes Clean Because She “Wants to be able to sleep at night.”  (Greed over Healthcare, but the truth will win out.)
In Praise of Fat Pastors  (Jarid Wilson—this one is about more than health, and more than appearance. It’s about making an idol of our appearance and much more.)

How to Fall Asleep Faster  (For those of us that struggle to turn the engine off.)
Separating Egg Yokes from Egg Whites  (really cool trick)
Crockpot Meatloaf and Potatoes (I love simple things that I don’t have to watch or worry about. Of course it is easy for me to say. My wife does all the cooking and she’s great!)

The Remarkable Healing Properties of Pumpkin Seeds  (Might try them myself.)
Banana: The Wonder Fruit (Who knew?)

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