What Would Leonardo da Vinci Say to an Evolutionist?

Wednesday is for Science

“No human investigation can be called true science without passing through the mathematical tests.”

— Leonardo da Vinci —

The following is an interview with David Berlinski, a Jewish, agnostic, mathematician, who has some severe questions for Darwinists. He strikes me as an honest genius, possessed of a tremendous vocabulary and a clarity of thought that demonstrates both a huge ego and a realistic humility. The video shows that it is not only Christians who believe the Bible that have difficulty with evolution. The media, and many scientists, and nearly every atheist would love it to be so but the reality is that evolutionary theory has zillions of holes. 

It is simply the cultural myth of our age. Like slavery was once the culture myth of British and American culture, it (evolution) will eventually die under both the weight of the evidence against it and the coming of the Lord at the end of the age.

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