Downton Abbey; John Piper and Marijuana; Worship Ministry; A Broken Ocean; Fraud and Obamacare and much more.

Weekend Links

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Winter
Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Winter


Better Thinking about Ministry

Four Early Church Writings Every Christian Should Read  (I would add another, Cur Deus Homo [Why the God Man?] but these are earlier even than that great work by Anslem.)
13 Things that Mentally Strong People Avoid  (Good leadership lessons for the challenges of life and ministry)
24 Things to Do Instead of Getting Married Before You Turn 24, a response  (Thoughtful piece from a young woman in love with Christ)
Tips on a Happy Life from a Boy Living with Progeria  (Ted Talk—-inspiring.)
Embracing Change (Ministry like everything else changes. Doctrine shouldn’t because God doesn’t but methodologies can and should change as culture and times present new challenges. Six things to know about change and resistance to it.)
Worship Ministry is More than Branding and Youth (Important article about a disturbing trend in some worship ministries.)
Simple Strategy for Reaching the Next Generation  (Oh that God would turn our hearts to our children.)
John Piper on Why Christians Must Say NO to Marijuana  (Short article.)

Better Engagement with the Environment for the Glory of God

“The Ocean is Broken” Heartbreaking Story of the Fukushima Disaster Continuing Consequences (Heartbreaking, Challenging; Overwhelming)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Let Us Send Our Daughters to Die in Battle for the Sake of Gender Neutrality  (Matt Walsh—there is an unspoken insanity that our culture has sunk to that nearly every other society in history never did.)
Surprise! Walmart Coverage is Better and Cheaper than Obamacare  (How can that be? Isn’t Walmart the great Satan of the liberal media?)
Downton Abbey and the Modern Age—What are We Really Watching? (When a show like Downton Abbey or Duck Dynasty takes a viewing audience by storm, it is always good to examine the what exactly is happening.  Here’s some help doing just that.)
Congresswoman: No Plan to Fight Either Fraud in Obamacare Subsidies or Security Breeches of Private Information  (Not only does the government want to rob the population of revenue it also is completely indifferent to the abuse of the funds and information they rob us of.)

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