Leaders Need to Lead.

Sunday Musings

Transforming Churches in Rural America“Leadership is … resisting the urge to settle.”

Transforming Church in Rural America, Shannon O’Dell

That is a simple but transformative definition of leadership. Leaders MUST resist the urge to settle. It is the constant temptation of the warrior to rest when the battle simply won’t allow him to do so. Leaders simply cannot let that happen.

“Leadership emerges when someone has had enough, when they say change must take place, and when they’re willing to stand up and be used by God to make a difference.”


  • What have you “had enough of”?
  • What are you ready to change?
  • Are you ready to be useful to God?
  • Are you ready to make a difference?

Don’t change things on the margins. Change the thing that MUST be changed so that the church you serve, serves God better.

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