Kevin Spacey Predicts the Future; War Crimes; Syria; Dangerous CFL’s; and much more

Weekend Links

Had an outstanding four days with two godly friends in Tennessee last week. One of God’s greatest gifts in life are friendships that endure for decades despite moves and geography and all the changes that life brings. This week another decades-long friend said goodbye to his wife who walked into the arms of Christ after a 6 year battle with cancer. The hope of the gospel is real. And the joy of knowing Christ through heartache is life changing. Pray for my friend (Kurt) and his four children as they grieve Dee’s loss even as they celebrate her life.

martin-luther-king-jr-day-L-xGOagMBetter Engagement in Culture and Politics

War Crimes Tribunal as an Alternative to Military Intervention in Syria  (Everybody wants to do something. But why is military intervention the first option? Here’s one creative idea that might have merit.)
Greek Catholic Patriarch in Syria Says Obama’s Plan for Military Action will Be a War-crime  (I am inclined to agree.)
Kevin Spacey Predicts the Future and New Media Challenges (He’s more than an actor. He is a thinker and the church needs to match his analysis of culture and how to maximize the potential of new media options.)

Better Engagement in Ministry

A Message to the Church from a So-called “Ex-Gay”  (A must read for those tempted to compromise what the Bible teaches about sex.)
Better Hymns and Choruses for a New Generation (Timothy George on the “In Christ Alone” Controversy)
Killing Gossip in the Church  (The number one enemy of unity in your church must be dealt with.)

For Fun

Getting Old is No Secret  (Sibyl Spann is the sister of one of my wife’s best friends and one of the most humorous people I know. You will love this piece, particularly, if you are a baby boomer.)

Better Engagement with Science

Why We Need More Information on Global-Warming  (Fantastic piece of sarcastic writing.)

Health and Safety

CFL’s from China Potential Fire Hazard (Brief but important article. Check your bulbs.)

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