This is Why I and Other Pastors are Going to Go to Jail and Our Congregants Will Join Us

Weekend Links

Just completed a wonderful visit from my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. Family and marriage and the fruit of life lived for and under the guidance of God is one of the great joys of life this side of heaven. The links below are few but one is particularly chilling and is the inspiration for the title of the post. Have a great weekend and may your football heroes in High School and College have a great and safe weekend.

Image, governmentBetter Engagement with Politics and Culture

Truly Chilling Ruling on Same Sex Marriage and Free Speech  (Al Mohler. MUST read article.)
Pentagon Labels Founding Fathers as Terrorists  (You could only make this stuff up if your were writing a fantasy. The problem is that this is not made up, its true.)
Is Duck Dynasty a Good Portrayal of Christians and Christianity?  (Why must a show be edgy?  The producers of the show sometimes bleep out words that are not expletives to make it edgier. Which raises other questions.)

Health Care and Food

Julia Child Was Wrong: Don’t Wash Your Chicken Before You Cook It  (NPR article and audio file.)

Engaging Artists in Ministry and other Ministry Thoughts

An Open Letter to Derek Webb  (From Pyromaniacs—insightful on both the gospel and some tough questions for Derek and other artists.)
We Have to Do More than Disapprove of Miley’s Behavior (Doug Wilson—a wireless age needs to be instructed and dissected for a culture that doesn’t understand how it is destroying itself. If we don’t prepare our children to do this, they will fall prey to the culture that they start out abhorring.)


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