Beaten Pastors; Demons and the NSA; Small Churches; Clutter and the Mind

Weekend Links

Image, School of Ministry

Ambassadors of a Beaten Down Church: Pastors and their Preaching  (Paul Tripp — good advice from a trusted source.)

How Demons are Like the NSA  (Fascinating bit of analysis that plays out both theologically and politically.)

Six Ways Small Churches Can Love Their Communities  (And for some practical examples and stories of people and churches doing these kind of things see Intensely Local Stories.)

Four Possibilities When Someone Says that the Teaching of a Church is Too Shallow  (Brief, helpful and worth your thought.) Is Your Child a Christian?  (Discerning when a child is a believe in Christ is not always easy. Here’s help.)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

25 Facts That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head at the Collapse of Detroit  (Is this a picture of other large cities and their future?) Larry Elder’s Personal Experience with School Vouchers  (Great story about the value of high expectations for students.)

Practical Things for Life

How Clutter Affects Your Brain (and Your Life)  (Nearly every person in America, would benefit from implementing some of these ideas. I know I do.)

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