The Discipleship Circus and Our Defunct Vocabulary

Thursday is for Discipleship

Interogative  What pictureThe same question, over and over. Church after church, meeting after meeting, church folk of every stripe and level of leadership are asking the same thing, “What is a disciple?”

The standard answers follow.

“A follower of Christ.
“A learner.”
“A fisher of men.”
“A Christ one.”
“A little Christ.”
“A fully devoted follower of Christ.
“A person living passionately for and like Christ.” (my favorite)
“A kingdom living, Christ proclaimer.”

I look at all of these as bones without flesh. They say something but not enough. They say something but are too simplistic or too ambiguous. 

Let’s ask a different question.

“What seemed to be upper most in the mind of Christ in the training of the twelve?”  

Wouldn’t that, whatever it is, be the most important thing for disciples to become and seek to reproduce in others who desire to become disciples of the Risen-One?

I think so.

So what is that?

My two cents, preliminary study?

 Jesus wants his disciples to have clarity on
who He is
and that they need Him.

What should my life as a follower of his be concerned with?

That people would know who Jesus is with greater and greater clarity and that they need him.

It’s not simplistic. It’s simple.

NOTE: I will update this with a perfect quote from Walker Percy when our house sells and I get all my books up on shelves.

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