Moderate Muslims; Jewish Jerusalem; Pentagon Weakness; Heart Neglect; Dallas Willard

Weekend Links

Dallas Willard (1935-2013)
Dallas Willard (1935-2013)

Great weekend so far with six hours yesterday with three high-school buddies followed by four hours with a college friend. I’m reminded of my brother Ed’s oft repeated comment to the simple “how are you doing?” question: “Better than I deserve.”  How true in my own life. Today my cousin will marry. It will be a great family reunion. Enjoy your weekend. And remember, every good gift comes from your heavenly Father (James 1:17).

Better Engagement with Islam

Seven Things Every Moderate Muslim Should Believe (John Hawkins—Seems reasonable, but I wonder if it’s possible given the trends in Islam.)
Archaeological Evidence of Early Jewish Presence in Jerusalem  

Better Engagement with The Military Industrial Complex

The Weakness of the Pentagon and the Power of the Cross  (Think Christian, Branson Parler—worth your time.)

Better Ministry Thinking

Top Ten Reason’s Not to Take the Summer Off  (Great counsel for your small group ministry.)
The Danger of Heart Neglect  (Joe Thorn—discusses three of the problems of a failure of neglecting our hearts, 1. More Sin. 2. Less Joy. and 3. Weak Love. )

Dallas Willard Retrospective  (I was first introduced to Dallas  Willard through J.P. Moreland, one of my seminary professors in the early 1980’s. Dallas was Dr. Moreland’s adviser, mentor, and friend during his PhD. studies. Take your time and digest this article. You won’t regret it.)
What I Learned From Dallas Willard (J.P. Moreland—I only met Dallas Willard once and managed a brief discussion with him about the novelist Walker Percy. But it was J.P. who gave me the opportunity. He had invited him to our seminary and there was an intimate brown-bag lunch with him after his presentation in chapel. Thanks for this piece J.P.)

Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There and Be Quiet (Leadership Journal—Slow down and listen to the voice of God.)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Mothers Abandoning Their Children  (A growing problem in America for which the gospel and gospel values are the only solution.)
Huffington Post Reporter Says His Wife is Having Twins and He Doesn’t Like It (Great article articulating the selfishness of our anti-children, narcissistic culture.)
How Christian Missionaries are Changing the World and Solving Medical Problems (… and in the process, making life better for all of us. Christianity Today article—great piece on the often forgotten work of men and women living passionately for and like Jesus.)
Liberal Journalist and Abortion Supporter Comes Out Against Gosnell and Our Culture’s Explicit Infanticide (Kirsten Powers—a must read.)
Very Creative solution to Traffic Congestion and Livable Space (Video)

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