Soft Pretzel Dreams and Much More

Friday is for Heart Songs

At the Center of Every True Philadelphia Native's Soul is a Soft Pretzel
At the Center of Every True Philadelphia Native’s Soul is a Soft Pretzel

I’m in Philadelphia this weekend for my youngest cousin’s wedding. I have been dreaming of cheese steaks and soft pretzels for three weeks! (Had my first soft pretzel this morning complements of my brother who went out early and brought a bag of them home.)  Even more, I am looking forward to spending some time with my two brothers and a sister who still live in the area, three high-school friends on a golf course, and a college friend over a nice meal.

It  will be a packed but relationally rich weekend.

Last night my brother Will and his son (William) came and picked me up at the airport. It’s Will’s golf clubs, shoes and truck that I will be using to humiliate myself on the golf course this afternoon. I will provide the punch line for all of Ron, Waz, and Kurt’s future retelling of what it was like for the four of us to get together on the golf course for the first time ever and the first time that all four of us have been together in 40 years. I can’t wait and the humiliation means nothing.

I love these guys and have prayed for them and their families for years. Kurt stood up with me when my bride became my wife. It will be great to catch up on their lives and to laugh together again. After golf and later in the evening I will be meeting with a college friend who is going to drive an hour just to spend two hours together catching up on our lives.

Saturday is the wedding and there I will catch up with many extended family members at the celebration of Michele’s wedding. Sunday, Mother’s Day, will be more family connection time with my brothers and then back to Chicago and Watseka on Monday.

I am a blessed man. Despite all my sin God has given me family and friends that I have never, will never and don’t presently deserve. I have an incredible wife who everyone knows I don’t deserve, four wonderful children who frankly, awe me with their lives, and friends who are far better friends to me than I am to them.

Not really sure were this post is going except to say, count your blessings in family and friends and cultivate both all your life.

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