Ann Voskamp; Complementarianism: Shane Claiborne; Carl Trueman; Multi-site Churches, The Trinity and much more

Weekend Links

Spring is just 6 days away but I jumped the gun today and went out for a bike ride. Just to and from work, a round trip total of just under 9 miles but at least it is a start. Last year on this day, it was 80 degrees. Today the temperature when I started was 42 and felt like 38. Looking forward to beating last years 680 miles and conquering the 1,000 mile threshold. Some great links here and if you are interested, my last post on THE ATHEISM OF CHRISTIANS has garnered some interest from about a dozen atheists. You can read more at the Post or at DEFEND YOUR POST. Pray for me as I respond to them. Pray that those who come on to the blog conversation find Truth. Pray that my responses are humble and clear. Pray that minds will be opened. 

Spring 1

Better Thinking about Ministry

Promise Keepers Alive and Well and taking Registrations for Battle Creek, MI (All the Info you need for your church.)
How to Find Happiness in the Dark (Ann Voskamp—There is beauty and truth in these words, in this story. Don’t miss it.)
Five Signs We May Take Ourselves Too Seriously (Lisa Robinson—good post, helpful.)
A Tale of Two Popes (Theological reflections from Carl Trueman on the new Pope and what Protestants can learn from Roman Catholics. The more I read from Carl, the more I like him, even when I disagree with him. Very good article.)
Helping the Poor without Hurting the Poor (Long but valuable, two 35 year old Christian leaders, Shane Claiborne and Peter Greer, talk and debate and answer questions. Personally, I find Peter more compelling, realistic and biblical, but I admire both men.)
New Data on the Perils, Challenges and Promise of Multi-site Churches (Ed Stetzer—an article that needs a good read from all of us who lead multi-site churches)

New England Bike PathBetter Thinking About Managing Ministry

Businessperson: Help Your Pastor Build Trellises (Good article from 9Marks ministry.)

Better Engagement with Culture

The Gender-Equality Argument for Abortion Doesn’t Work Logically (But that won’t stop pro-abortion advocates from using it. Here’s help in pointing out its flaws.)

School Shooters and What the Huffington Post Doesn’t Want You to Read (This is a fascinating and important article that reflects on the culture of violence that young boys are pickled in. How could it not result in violence?)

Better Thinking about Doctrine

How Can I Speak to My Children about the Trinity? (Parents need to think this through and not just punt it to the youth workers and pastors of their church. Here’s help.)
Good Question for the New Pope and Every other Christian Leader (John Piper)
No Preacher Lives Up to What He Preaches (John Piper—Dr. Piper is not a perfect man but he has been my most significant spiritual mentors for more than 20 years. Great wisdom here.)

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        Can’t wait to see you complete your response!

        Any suggestions on length of response restrictions?


        1. Maybe 500 words give or take a 100 with you as the final arbiter. I try to keep all of my posts under 500 at my blog and it seems to work in the comments as well. My two cents.


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