Is Your Pastor a Poor Preacher? Pray for Him.

Picture of house with graffitiPicked this up from Adrian Warnock’s blog. He and group of Brits are currently working on a documentary on the the life and ministry of C.H. Spurgeon. I had known a number of anecdotal stories on Spurgeon and the prayer that went on at the Metropolitan Tabernacle during his pastorate but this quote was new to me. 

How much better we might preach if our people prayed more for us! I stand here to confess frankly that from my inmost heart I attribute the large prosperity which God has given to this Church vastly more to the prayers of the people than to anything that God may have given to me. I know it is so. I am sometimes—I hope not superstitious, but I do think I am sensitively conscious of the amount of prayer there is in this Church. I seem to feel—I know not how it is, but the Spirit of God that worketh in us makes us feel—when you are prayerful, and to feel when the spirit of prayer begins to grow at all dull among us.

Oh, never let us slacken in prayer! Do plead that everyone whom God anoints to any service may have strength given him. Take up the case of those of God’s servants who are not successful. They need much to be upheld in laboring, perhaps where their non-success is no fault of theirs. Pray for them; and pray that the time of their sowing may not last for ever, but may it be followed by a blessed reaping.

If we could but once get the entire Church to pray we might rest quite assured that God would bless the entire country. We often wish to see enquirers, but we must be enquirers ourselves first. “For this will I be enquired of by the House of Israel to do it for them.”

A prayerful Church is a powerful Church. I think there will be less fault to find with the ministry when there shall be less fault to find with believers in their closets. You shall find yourselves edified when you have brought your quota of prayerful anxiety with you to enrich the Church of God.

I’m with Spurgeon.

  • I preach better when people are praying for me.
  • There is a greater impact when people are praying for me.
  • I sense the power of God at work on me, in me, through me, for His glory when people are praying for me.
  • Preaching is a joint effort between congregation and pastors.
  • When you are praying for the pastor’s holiness, wisdom, insight, and clarity, you are doing a work that blesses the whole body.
  • And when you are praying for him and these things …
  • you will find yourself praying for the congregation and for yourself to be open, responsive, and obedient to the word of God.

What earthshaking good might come of such prayers?

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