10 Questions for Church planters, Art Theology, John Piper, Dogs with Rhythm, Voter Fraud, Flannery O’Conner and much more

Weekend Links

Major League Baseball start their spring training games this weekend. Spring is coming, despite last night’s mini-snow storm. Think about your garden and how you can use it to befriend, care for, provide for and strengthen your neighbors. Start praying now for opportunities to be bold. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to rest in the promises of God.

Better Ministry for the Glory of God

Pray for Church Planting In Japan
Pray for Church Planting In Japan

A Theology of Art in Five Minutes (John Piper—audio, all of us have a stake in the way culture expresses its perspective.)
Your Toughest Audience: Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves as Preachers  (Interview with Joe Thorn.)
Seven Ways to Pray for Your Praying (Tim Challies—I need new help on prayer every week. This is a good one.)


A Dog With Rhythm and a Smile  (Video, fun)
For the Aspiring Writers Out There: “The Help” Was Turned Down 60 Times (Inspiring article for those getting reject slips.)


Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Voter Fraud in Ohio (If a nation is to have better leaders, its citizens have got to have higher standards and more ethical lives themselves.)
Ten Sure Signs We Have [Completely] Lost Our Minds (Trevan Wax and the Gospel Coalition—simple, powerful, and insightful.)
Warning: Flannery O’Connor Ahead (Great writers in the Christian tradition have never been above using shock to gain an audience’s attention and thought. Flannery O’Connor is one of the best.)
Leaving Lesbianism (Our culture promotes alternative lifestyles but God’s word never does. The gay lifestyle is anything but and those that leave it, with all their struggles, should be welcomed into the church. A great testimony.)

Start planning your garden now. Spring is coming.
Start planning your garden now. Spring is coming.

Better Thinking About the Sanctity of Life

Michelle Dugger: “We aren’t anywhere near being overpopulated.” (Disagree with them, or love them, the Dugger family is filled with love and accurate on the issue of overpopulation.)

Church Was Great: Let’s Not Talk About It (Practical help on making the transition in conversations on Sunday afternoon.)
Intentional Evangelism(Approaches and strategies for sharing the gospel is sensitive and effective ways.)

Better Thinking About Church Planting

10 Hard Questions Every Church Planter Should Answer (Together for the Gospel—Tim Stevens, don’t miss this.)

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