I Never Want to Retire (and why you shouldn’t either)

Thursday is for Discipleship

Brother AndrewYesterday I read an interview with Brother Andrew, famous to us for the book and ministry of God’s Smuggler, but famous in hell for being a dangerous to the forces of wickedness, and famous in heaven as another of Christ’s redeemed reclamation projects. He’s 84 now and not interested in slowing down.

As long as he breathes King’s air, he wants to labor for the King. Displaying both humor and a feisty spirit, here’s the last question and answer from the interview over at Christian Post.

CP: One last question, you’re 84-years-old, going on to 85 soon, and you’re still very active. Do you plan to retire soon?

Brother Andrew 2Brother Andrew: What is that retire? Does that mean no tires on? Put new tires on and go another round? I think in serving God there is no retirement, but if you notice you can’t do it anymore or your thoughts don’t work or your memory, your hearing, whatever, then I think it’s time to quit. But I will never sit in the garden and watch geraniums. I think they will die if I watch them. As long as I can, as long as I have a voice and a pen, and co-workers, I want to continue. I have no set date, if I can’t do it anymore, then it’s over.

Read the whole interview HERE. 

Howard HendricksMay God raise up a new generation to replace the giants we are losing every day. Today, news arrived that Dr. Howard Hendricks, long-time professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, mentor to many and Philadelphia native went to be with Jesus.

Heaven’s gain, our loss, a new generation’s challenge. He was 88.

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