Combat Women; Climate Figures; Statistic Abuse; Constitutional Oaths; Jim Elliff; Michael Hyatt; Kevin DeYoung; John Piper

Weekend Links

I love to garden. Spring is coming and I’m looking forward to growing things and giving them away to my neighbors. With this post I am going to start sharing various images of gardens to help stimulate others of you who might want to start gardens as a way to bless your neighbors. The usual links are below, interesting articles across a broad swath of my reading this week that are interesting, helpful or challenging. As always, just because I read it and recommend it doesn’t mean I endorse it. Have a great weekend.

Garden made for a small balcony out of a pallet.
Garden made for a small balcony out of a pallet.

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

The Reality that Awaits Women in Combat (As the nation moves in a radical new direction, here are some issues that need to be accounted for.)
Big “Opps” on Climate Change Figures and Calculations (Study out of Norway disputes most radical climate forecasts.)
The Abuse of Statistics by NBC (Propaganda is the only way to describe a recent NBC report on Abortion and the the nation’s attitude toward it.)
Fear of Oath-ing in Washington (Kyle Becker—A very important and interesting video.)
The Battle for Marriage Begins in Illinois (We may not win, but we must fight for a traditional definition of marriage.)

Doing Ministry Better (I.e., a more God-glorifying way)

A Message to the Organic Church Movement from and Outsider (Andrew Wehrheim—Picked up this article from Jim Wright. It’s another good one and worth your time whether you are inside or outside the organic church movement.)
How Do We Go About Gather a Crowd for the Gospel (Jim Elliff—Should we gather a crowd? Is gathering a crowd a good methodology? A good article by a trusted church planter and minister of the gospel.)
The Benefits of Journaling (Michael Hyatt—Always a good reminder to be reminded of what I have reminded others of for years. Do we ever not need to be reminded of good things?)
Don’t Let the Screen Strangle Your Soul (Kevin DeYoung—first of a two part article, both of which are worth your time and worth passing on to your friends.)

Better Doctrine

Why John Piper Believes the Prosperity Gospel is Another Gospel (Video that every prosperity gospel preacher needs and follower needs to hear.)

One thought on “Combat Women; Climate Figures; Statistic Abuse; Constitutional Oaths; Jim Elliff; Michael Hyatt; Kevin DeYoung; John Piper

  1. With regard to the article Modern Day Pauls? by Jim Wright, The article is fairly tame and raises some good points worth discussing. However, it masks a hidden agenda by Jim Wright who has been openly attacking multiple people, including me, because he has theological differences and in some cases, personal grudges against us. Jim can be articulate, but often he uses such articles to draw people into his blog site and web page where he has many utterly false and despicable accusations against people with a pretty transparent motive to harm their reputations and in some cases, their livelihoods.

    Please be aware that Jim Wright, is not a credible source and in fact has a long history of attempting to be something of a heresy hunter, but Jim goes further than this and in addition has a long history of attempting to destroy Pastors, Churches, Christian Organizations and more recently Christian Authors with whom he has personal and theological disagreements.

    Jim was excommunicated from his last local church for slander and gossip here in Northern Virginia in 2009 (I live in the area and have spoken with the pastor and other members of that church.) Prior to that he had to leave his previous church after attacking them in a similar manner and there is a similar pattern going all the way back to 1980 where Jim was expelled by the Moral Majority.

    After being excommunicated from his last local church Jim has unsuccessfully attempted to establish a house church in the area and has gone on to claim now that he along with his wife Marianne are the spokespersons for a network of organic churches for which there are no other contacts besides them.

    Please don’t encourage the Wright’s by providing support to their vicious lies and slander.

    More information is available at

    Please feel free to contact me directly

    Bart Breen


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