An Older Post that Has Gotten Considerable Attention this Week

An older post that for some reason has gotten considerable attention from visitors this week. Maybe it will minister to you too.

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Tuesday is for Preaching

TemptationA Message Outline for 2 Samuel 11

Message Title: Spiritual Bankruptcy is Not as Far Away as You Think ( I like titles that hint at application. )

Three Points: (Usually narrative passages don’t lend themselves to this kind of linear outline but this one does. I tried to keep the note of  “bankruptcy” going in the points so that memorability would be increased.)

  1. Sloppy management of your walk with God leads to a deficit account.  (vs. 1-5)
  2. Interest in sin is compounded daily. (vs. 6-21)
  3. God records it all in his ledger. (vs. 22-25)

Church Planter: Men, if you tolerate sin in your life today, you will tolerate more tomorrow. David is the only man in all of Scripture who is called a man after God’s own heart and he stumbled into great and grievous sin and the final years of his life (perhaps 20…

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