“My Pastor is Picking on Me”

Friday is for Heart Songs

Whining 5No he isn’t.

There are those all over the country who get upset with their pastor for one reason or another and “pick up their marbles” and move on to another Church. Usually, not all the time, but usually this not a good idea and might, at times, be a grave sin. It might be well to take counsel from a saint from another generation on how to think when we feel that a pastor’s message strikes too close to home. 

The faithful hearer accuses not his minister for particularizing him. It does not follow that he aimed, because the arrow hit. Rather, our parishioner reasons thus: “If my sin be notorious, how could the minister miss it? If secret, how could he hit without God’s direction?”

(Puritan pastor)

And Pastors and Church Planters:

This goes double for you. When you are studying the text of the living and active Word of God and God puts his finger on your unrighteousness, confess and repent before God before you go and talk to the people of God about what they need to do. Christians and especially pastors should not be whiners but workers for the Lord’s harvest.  

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