Being Shrewd and Honest in Moving the Conversation to Christ

Wednesday Discussion

An example of looking for opportunity where some might least expect it.

The first shot made in the American Revolution was from a gun made here.
The first shot made in the American Revolution was from a gun made here.

Just ran across this today (Saturday) while reading Dr. J. Edwin Orr’s first book, documenting his travels around Ireland and Britain in 1933. The book was published in December of 1934 and tells the story of his “preaching tour” to stimulate revival among the churches. He was only 22, with very little money and a bicycle for transportation and at this point, traveling through Scotland. It was winter and he had stopped into a local pub in the hope of getting something to eat.

Here’s the beginning of chapter 4, titled ADVENTURES IN SCOTLAND. It isn’t necessary, but try to read it with your attempt at a Scottish accent. It is quite fun.

“Beautiful morning, ” said a cheerful voice.
    “Yes,” I replied looking up to meet the gaze of a breezy young commercial traveller. [Salesman] “I’m glad that it is, for this is my first day in this part of Scotland.”
    “Then you are travelling?”
    “A about twelve hundred miles a month,” I replied.
    “I hope you don’t mind me asking–business or pleasure?”
   “Business,” I said, “but I have succeeded in making it a pleasure also.”
   “I’m a commercial,” my friend informed me, and then went on, “I suppose you are representing some firm?”
   “Well, not exactly,” Said I. “I’m travelling for my Father, you see.”
   “Is that why you’re in Scotland?”
   “Precisely! I am doing special work for Him. I had my apprenticeship round about London; then I travelled round Ireland; now I’m doing Scotland. See?”
   I passed him the marmalade.
   “Is there much money in it? was his next question.
   “Believe it or not,” I said with a smile, “I’m not really interested in the financial side. “My Father is what you would call a multi-millionaire, and He send me anything I need. Besides, I really enjoy the work, it is interesting.”
   My Scottish friend waxed enthusiastic.
   “Well, well! You are a lucky blighter!”
   “I’m the happiest fellow on earth,” said I.
   “Not a bit of wonder,” said Cameron, taking the opportunity of introducing himself, “I wish I were employed by such a concern.”
   “No reason why you shouldn’t me,” said I warmly. “At least you ought to be in touch.”
   “Who’s your managing director?” he enquired.
   “The Holy Spirit,” I returned very evenly.
   Cameron looked dumbfounded, but he gave me a very good hearing while I described the nature of my travels. Before we left the hotel I had the joy of acceding to his request for an introduction to our Principal, the Lord Jesus Christ. God grant that he found a Saviour. 

J. Edwin Orr, Can God ______?, p. 44-45

Question:   Why couldn’t such an approach work just as well in our day and in your community?

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