Missional Smishional! Mega/Micro! Get on with it Church!

Monday Discussion

Ed Stetzer

In a post last week, my friend Ed Stetzer wrote: 

“If you have a group of people who gather together to listen to Bible teaching and that’s the only thing that they do, you’ve created a room full of consumers—whether it has 20 seats or 20,000 seats. But if instead you take that opportunity to help them move from being customers to co-laborers, and you have intentional strategies and processes to do that, I think the end result is that you can have a church that intentionally leads people to be on mission for the gospel. That’s true in a small church or a megachurch.” [Or even a house church — Marty’s comment.]

You can read the whole article at Can Mega Be Missional: Asking the Right Questions. I think he is absolutely right.

I speak from my understanding of the Scripture, the concept of what it means to be missional, and my experience as a pastor, church planter, trainer of church planters and consultant to churches both large and small. [In other words, I’m pulling a big “experience” card !]

Missional has very little to do with the size of the group of Christians you are working with or talking about. It has to do with being on mission with God. It has to do with being led by his Spirit into a world that needs the gospel. It has to do not with forms but with obedience and mission.

What do you think?

One thought on “Missional Smishional! Mega/Micro! Get on with it Church!

  1. Hi Marty. I also read this article and thought it was really interesting. I’ve been a part of several very large mega churches and as a parent I love the activities and what’s offered. At the same time I feel it creates this Christian sub-culture rather than infiltrating the culture. I’m glad you re-blogged this article. It’s worth the read.

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