Remembering Warriors for the Cross in Their Time of Need

Wednesday is for Prayer

Earlier today I learned that Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint, the martyred missionary to the Auca Indian tribe of Ecuador was injured in an accident at the headquarters of I-TECUSA (Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center). There is a powerful video out of his recovery in the hospital as well as a challenge to live full out for Jesus.

God has used the lives of those five martyrs in my life for the whole of my Christian experience. They have inspired me, their story has awed me and now the arrows they (and their extraordinary wives) shot into the future continue to inspire a new generation to live with passion for Christ. Personal Note: In the mid 80’s while living in California, Stephnie and I gave leadership to the college ministry of Trinity Evangelical Free Church. We met at the Redlands Municipal Airport which was run by Mission Aviation Fellowship and served as a quasi museum of materials and artifacts of the Ecuadorian mission that took the life of Steve’s father.

Watch the video and then pray for Steve Saint’s recovery and for the success of his company and their mission to use technology to help indigenous peoples take the gospel to their neighbors..

Here’s another inspiring video of the work they do at I-TECUSA. Maybe God is calling you or someone you know to work with them.

“Heavenly Father, guide the hands of the surgeons tomorrow as they operate on Steve’s spinal cord. Give them alertness and wisdom as they seek to correct what was injured. Help Steve and his family to place all their hope in You and restore him so that the work to which you have called him might continue to grow and prosper for Your glory. I ask this in the Name and for the cause of our Savior. Amen.”

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