So He Converted. Now What? (or What do you feed an infant Christian?)

Thursday is for Discipleship

Yesterday you led a friend to Christ. It was a genuine conversion. He saw his sin. He saw his Savior. He desired the Kingdom and when it all came together, he embraced the King and the Kingdom, repented of his sin and placed his faith in the resurrected Christ and His atoning sacrifice.

Then you found out that he is moving to Maine (one of the least churched places in America) in one week.

Question #1:
What will you tell him he needs to do to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ?

Question #2:
If you had 6 weeks, what would you add?

Question #3:
What process would you use to get them started?

Side Note:  I’m convinced that 99% of Christians, including their pastors and elders, can’t answer these questions with any degree of specificity and confidence.

2 thoughts on “So He Converted. Now What? (or What do you feed an infant Christian?)

  1. Question #1 – I would encourage him to pray daily and to also read his Bible daily. If he had a computer, I’d suggest he go to to hear God’s Word, or any Evangelical website. I’d encourage him to buy or rent videos of Dr. Stanley, Billy Graham (his son) and other well known t.v. evangelists that preach God’s Word. I’d try to help find him a Bible based church in the area they were going to by searching on the web and then by reading what their belief’s were.

    Question #2 – I would try to help find him the right church to attend. I’d try to find all kinds of Bible literature, studies, etc. for him to take with to his new home. I would be sure to help him get on line to keep in touch so I could continue to witness to him.

    Question #3 – I would first pray about what direction to take in helping him get started in the process. I also would go to my pastor and ask for help on how to direct this person. If he didn’t have a computer, I would help purchase a used computer or refurbished one to keep in touch.


    1. Barb,
      Good start. You have done better than many would have. Especially in making arrangements to stay in contact. This is what the apostle Paul was doing with his letter writing.

      He might have a few questions: How do I pray? What is prayer? Who are evangelicals? You mean, like, Joel Osteen? He’s “well known” and makes a big show at the beginning of “basing” his message on the Bible. How do I know a web site is teaching sound doctrine? He might not own a Bible.

      Question 2: he’s now loaded up with Bible literature and studies. Does he know ho to study them?

      Question 3: Going to one of your pastors or elders is a great place to get some help, but if they are doing their jobs well they will want to equip you to do this without them.

      The questions and answers to these questions demonstrate that this simple task can get complicated quickly. The trick is to keep the solutions we come up with both simple and reproducible.

      Thanks for starting the discussion.


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