One thought on “Churches are Doing Much and Accomplishing Little

  1. It is very true and well known fact that Churches are doing a lot and achieving little. The main reason is that they are doing it for wrong reasons like selfish gain, popularity or fame, a name other than that given, etc. They are busy making converts and not Disciples if Jesus Christ. If we strictly and objectively compare the Church in the book of Acts and the current diverse denominations, we would have many reasons to make us understand why current churches are achieving little. Firstly, the positions and structures are man-mande and strange to the Apostles, the doctrines are strange, the practices are strange, etc. The churches many of them belong to a man but those in the book of Acts belonged to Christ and only Christ’s Name was being uplifted everywhere that is why the Apostles were being accused of polluting the land with Christ’s Name. In the book of Acts, the church were moved by love, faith and passion for the lost. They shared equally and nobody lackd. today in the same denominations we have rich, poor, well fed, hungry, children receiving education, children unable to get education, etc. This is a clear sign of lack of love. In the early church nobody lacked in anything e.g. food, education. In today’s churches the titthes and offerings are going towards the owner of the ministry or the pastor or Overseer instead of covering all physical needs internally and advance outreach programs to draw the lost in. The Church has also gone back to Egypt abandoning the commandments and laws of God because the claim is that we have the Holy Spirit. But the true Spirit leads according to the Word which the same Spirit inspired. We need true prophets that are Christ centred to show the churches the true light. Today’s churches will never help the needy like orphans and widows, worse still even street kids. I can say that in my country we have many churches that are sufficient even to help street kids bt they dont atall unless the world. The people we call the world are the ones that are now doing the will of God better than churches. How then can the same world be convinced to come to the churches for the truth???????


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