Thoughts on Multiplication and Preaching

Tuesday is for Preaching

On my way to Racine, Wisconsin to train church planters with Dynamic Church Planting International. Looking forward to the next three days.

But I also wanted to stimulate your thinking about preaching with a simple thought. Every ministry in a church needs to multiply itself. That includes preaching. If we want to do what the Apostle Paul (that prince of church planters) did, then we have to think about planting churches that plant churches and that means planting churches that will develop more preachers than just ourselves.

  • How are you doing that?
  • How are you insuring that the church becomes addicted to Jesus not you?
  • How are you identifying and giving opportunity to others that God is raising up?
  • Have you examined the book of Acts and the letters of Paul to see how he did it?
These are all questions not only worth considering but questions you must consider if you want to plant churches that plant churches. By the way, there is a lot to chew on when you begin to study and answer the fourth qeustion.

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