When Do Preachers Listen to the Word of God?

Listening to the word of God read. Reading it out loud yourself. Finding the rhythm of a story is sometimes more a matter of hearing than it is analyzing. The Bible was written to be heard. Jesus’ teaching has an oral/auditory dynamic that simply, … well …, must be heard. I heard things in the narrative of Acts and Matthew [as I listened to an audio CD of the NT] that I don’t think I have ever heard before. Of course, when I get down to study the text in its particularity, I will check the things I think I heard/saw as I listened. But sometimes, I think it works the other direction too. We need to test what we think we are seeing in a text by listening to it out loud.  [Read the whole post at the link below]

via When Do Preachers Listen to the Word of God?.

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