Let it Die an Obscure and Un-influential Death

Friday is for Heart Songs

This week I will be preaching my final message at the Chinese Christian Union Church in Chinatown. It has been a three week series on what the repentance of a man of God really looks like. This week the message is from Psalm 51. On Wednesday I posted a brief meditation on some of the content of this Sunday’s message (see here) It is likely my last message there for a while. Other duties call and new opportunities await.

So to all my new friends at CCUC, here’s a prayer saturated with the spirit of Psalm 51. May God use it and this Sunday’s message to help the people of God become the pure light he wants us to be in the world, for the glory of the Savior and the joy of all those who will hear the gospel through us.

“My God and my redeemer, destroy and vanquish my pride. Let it die an obscure and un-influential death, that my children and those I lead would not suffer on account of me. Break me in my inner parts and create me anew after the image of your Son. Do that for all of your sons and daughters redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, but Lord start with me. Amen.”

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