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Weekend Links

This weeks links are fewer. (I have too many deadlines to accomplish much outside reading.) Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. I hope your team wins, your family’s love, your neighbors know your compassion, and your heart is centered in the King who is coming again to judge the living and the dead. As always, the links will make you think but I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. You have to do your own thinking.

Engaging with Culture

Growing the Family of God

Don’t be Like Candace with Your Spiritual Gifts (9Marks)
Developing Men for the Glory of God (Justin Taylor)

Thinking about the Economy

Time to Rethink our Approach to Poverty in America
Should the Rich Be Condemned?
(Walter Williams)  

Growing as a Leader of God’s People

Using a different Measure for Success (Tim Suttle)
The Coming Ecclesiastical Mass Extinction (Way OVERSTATED and pessimistic view of the church but thought provoking nonetheless. Opinion masquerading as prognostic fact)

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