Our High Standard of Living Has Robbed Us of Joy

Wednesday is for Prayer

I don’t know who sent me this, but I am thankful they did. Different versions of this video have been posted. This one I think is the most powerful. 

Would you join me in prayer today (Wednesday 10AM). I will join you at the throne of God. If you want to join me at my house and get to 734 South Jordans Court  Watseka, IL, we can pray together or stay where you are anywhere in the world and pray with us.

Here’s what I will be praying:

  1. God, break our hearts for the needs of our neighbors to know you.
  2. Shake us from our lethargy and avarice for pleasure and comforts.
  3. Open new doors of opportunity and give us eyes to see them.
  4. Make us bold to proclaim the gospel as we ought to proclaim it.
  5. Cause the miracle of the new birth as you grant repentance and faith to those who will hear the glad news of the gospel.
  6. Raise up workers for the harvest Lord (Luke 10:2).
“Look! Don’t be deceived by appearances –
men and things are not what they seem.
All who are not on the rock are in the sea!”
William Booth (1829-1912)
Founder of the Salvation Army

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