Your Job is Simple: Show the Greatness of Christ

Tuesday is for Preaching

“To our minds, there is one reason why a Christian would not be absolutely occupied and consumed with Christ. That person’s eyes have not been opened to see His greatness.”

                                                        —Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola
                                                                               in Jesus Manifesto, 20. 

This week, next week and every week after next week, your job is to go into your pulpit, or into your living room (house church leaders) and proclaim the greatness of Christ. It isn’t your job to be funny, or entertaining, or scholarly, or even balanced. It isn’t your job to convince people you are a good guy, a well rounded guy, a good father, a great friend, a wonderful pastor. I hope you are all those things and you will do your job better if you are. But they aren’t your objective.

It is your job to be so filled up, so overflowing, so saturated with a vision of Christ, and his glory, and his gospel, and the wonders of the cross that your people catch an intoxicating glimpse of Him that draws them to lay everything down for Him as a living offering, a living sacrifice so that they begin to prove in their experience, both to themselves and to a watching world that the will of God is good, acceptable and perfect (Romans 12:1-2).

How can that “simple” task be done without a deep reliance on prayer? How can it be done without a deep, burning passion for Christ? How can that be done without a daily dying to self that Christ might live in you (cf. Mark 8:34; Romans 6:2, 11)? How can it be done without a laying aside of every encumbrance and sin that so easily entangles us (Hebrews 12:1)? How can that be done without a running hard after God because we are convinced that all our joys are founded and completed in Him (Philippians 3:8)?

It’s not possible men.

So gather a team around you that will pray for you and pray with you that these things would be increasingly true in your life. Just ask, and I will be one of them for you.

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