Four Things to Do in Your Message This Week

Tuesday is for Preaching

I had the fortune to attend a church this week with a pastor who has a deep value of preaching the word of God in all of its authority and relevance for the lives of 21st century people. The text was Matthew 5:13-16, the “You are the salt and light of the earth” passage. 

Brandon Holiski is a young expositor with a fantastic education and a great mind. He’s also a new father with a humble heart. It is a joy to hear him teach whenever I am in town and not teaching somewhere else.

As is our custom, Stephnie and I arrived early for the service so we could get ourselves settled and begin to set our hearts for worship. As is my custom, the moment I know what the text is, I begin to outline the text myself as a way of tracking with a pastor and to be Berean-like in my own spirit. So, before the service started, I took out the program and began to outline the passage. Later, Brandon gave his support for his conclusion before he gave his point. It was not a surprise when he phrased his only point, “The Christian must be distinct from the world for the sake of the world” to find that it was very close to what I had concluded myself.

It got me thinking about preaching:

A great message is a message that …

1) explains the text in such a way its clarity becomes obvious,
2) exalts Christ, 
3) makes the gospel clear, and 
4) suggests more for the heart to ponder than what was actually said in the message.

Make sure your message does those things this week. Your people will thank you and God will say well done. And that’s all you can do until next week.

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